Haiti: A Nation Shaped by Its Neighbors


This digital project aims to highlight the relations between Haiti and the following: France and the United States, the Dominican Republic, foreign agencies, the Haitian diaspora, and within Haiti itself regarding class and color. France and the U.S., world powers that assumed a dominating role over Haiti, manipulated and abused Haiti for their own selfish gains that inflicted multi-layered wounds that are still trying to heal. The relationship between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has been historically plagued by  contrasting views of their heritage, as well as Dominicans’ racism and anti-Haitianism. Foreign agencies, like international NGOs, UN, IMF, World Bank, or USAID, see Haiti as an opportunity to expand their sphere of influence and force their ideals upon Haiti through promises of assistance. Within the Haitian community, the constant struggle between classesproletariat vs eliteand colorsblack vs mulattohas been a part of Haitian society since before Haiti’s independence. The Haitian diaspora, also known as the 11th department of Haiti, is comprised of Haitians living abroad and the various connections to their Haitian roots. In addition to these main actors, the political relationship between Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean will also be featured. This project will address and analyze major relationships between Haiti and foreign entities, and within the Haitian communities itself, assessing how Haiti’s history, politics, economy, and society has been deeply impacted.


Keywords:  Haiti. Authority. France. United States. Diaspora. Foreign Agencies. NGOs. Dominican Republic. Class. Color.

Featured Pictures:

(top: left to right) Nadege GreenWLRN, Reuters, Wannateam 

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